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Fall is just around the corner! For some, that means all things pumpkin spice (you know who you are). For others, it's about enjoying cooler weather, baking, Halloween activities like carving pumpkins, hay rides, and apple pie, and then before you know it, Thanksgiving! Kids are back in school and school sports and activities have started.

Autumn also heralds one of America's favorite sports: football! Football games bring tailgating, cookouts, and time with friends and family. Who is your favorite team? Are you a college football fan, an NFL fan, or just there for the food?

Some great outdoor activities to enjoy in fall are hiking, either trails or in the mountains, walks, and bike rides. Many people enjoy camping as well. There's just something relaxing about sitting next to a fire, wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot cocoa in the crisp autumn air while enjoying the evergreens. Days get shorter, and nights get longer and cooler. Autumn is a time of change....leaves turn brilliant shades of red, orange, and yellow and fall to the ground as trees prepare for the colder days ahead.

What does fall look like to you?

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