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Get moving: How to add more steps to your day

We all know that as a society, Americans have become more and more sedentary. Many jobs are desk jobs, and now due to the many different modes of transportation available, people just aren't walking as much as they used to in past generations.

Walking can have surprising benefits. People who incorporate more steps into their day can burn more calories than sedentary people. Walking also helps diabetics lower their blood sugars, it can help people improve their cardiovascular health, and walking may boost your immune system. It can improve your mood and strengthen your muscles and bones. 10 Benefits of Walking

Walking is also an inexpensive form of exercise that requires little to no equipment other than a good pair of supportive shoes. Perhaps you have a lovely trail in your neighborhood or a nice park to enjoy on a walk. Walking can be enjoyable outdoors with friends or even indoors on a treadmill if the weather isn't the best. It is a great low impact exercise that just about anyone can incorporate into their daily routine.

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