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How many steps a day do you take?

It's no secret that as a society we have become more sedentary. For a lot of people, their job entails sitting at a desk on a computer clicking and typing away. Some people have more active jobs, but computers and automation have made many jobs easier and less active.

The Journal of American Medical Association Neurology did a study and found that walking 10,000 steps a day was linked to less heart disease, cancer, and dementia. However, new research suggests that we may not even need that many steps a day to reap some of the same benefits.

Some activity is better than no activity! Even increasing your daily steps by 2000 can help prevent adverse health problems.

Wearable technology such as watches and step counters can keep track of how many steps a day you take, so you have an idea of what your baseline is. So how do you get more steps in if needed? Walk to work if you can, take the stairs whenever possible, or even purchase a desk attachment for the treadmill. Any effort to increase physical activity is worthwhile!

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