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Is a "foot detox" the real deal?

You've seen the ads online or at a local salon. Foot detoxes are touted as being a natural and easy way to remove all the toxins from your body simply by soaking your feet in a warm water bath with an electric Ionizing machine.

There are a lot of claims and testimonies from people who have done these foot "detoxes." Claims

of clearer skin, more energy, improved sleep, etc. Many people pay upward of $30 or more for these supposed detoxes. Not many studies were done on these claims, and foot bath detoxes have been popular for many years.

So, if the water turns ugly colors, it must be working, right?? The answer is, unfortunately, no. There is no scientific evidence or proof to support these claims. In fact, the water changing colors is due to bacteria or impurities in the water itself reacting to the ionization. There have been reports of the water changing color even without someone's feet soaking in it. So it may be a better idea to save your money or opt for a massage instead.

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