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Massage Therapy

Although massage has been practiced for thousands of years, today you can choose from many different specific styles of massage. Each one has a different modality and style to target specific needs of the person. Massage is the pressing, manipulating, and rubbing the muscles and soft

tissues. With so many massage styles, which one is best?

Some people prefer the deep tissue massage, while others prefer a lighter, smooth stroke massage. The type of massage you may choose will depend on whether you want relaxation or symptom relief or help with a health condition. Before booking a massage, ask the massage therapist about the different styles of massage they specialize in and what your needs are. Many therapists use different types of massage.

Some health benefits of massage are pain relief, whether it's from headaches or back pain. Other types of massage can assist with

cancer symptoms or depression. Check your local listings and websites to see what massage therapists in your area offer and to check their ratings. Friends and family and even your physician or chiropractor can help with suggestions as well.

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