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Updated: Jun 15, 2021

It's the 3 pm slump. It has been a long day and you are tired! What do you reach for to wake you up and fuel the rest of your day? Cookies? Crackers? Popcorn?

What you choose to snack on matters. Office environments are junk food traps in a lot of places. Cookies and doughnuts and pastries.....oh my! Whether it's fellow coworkers or customers bringing in the sugary snacks, it seems like there's temptation everywhere. So how do you snack smart?

It's no secret that snacks can be beneficial. Snacking can help keep your metabolism fueled and keep you on track. A lot of dietary research states eating small, frequent meals

throughout the day (and that means snacks, too!) may be better for you than eating three large meals or skipping meals entirely. Small, Frequent Meals are Better for Your Metabolism

Some healthy snack options include nuts, fruits, or veggies with hummus. A lot of options are now available in smaller grab and go portions at the grocery store, or you can buy in bulk and do the prep yourself. Greek yogurt paired with berries can provide a filling, protein packed snack to see you through until lunch or dinner. Another great option is cottage cheese with fruit, flax, and cinnamon. Not a fan of dairy? There's always the good old go-to apple slices with peanut butter. Snacking in the afternoon can also help you avoid overeating at dinner or potentially grabbing fast food on the way home. There are a lot of sites online as well that can help you find healthy snack options.

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