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Do you sometimes feel like you just don't "have it all together?" Maybe you feel as though you just can't keep up with everything that must be done. Many things in our lives can cause stress of varying degrees. Work, keeping up with family life and household chores, lack of sleep, etc. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming. We all know long-term stress can be detrimental to our health when faced with a constant onslaught.

Stress really can affect your health, your moods, and your relationships with others! How stress affects your body and behavior

Regular stress can even manifest itself in physical symptoms. Headaches, stomach upset, and high blood pressure are often found to be associated with excessive stress. Chronic stress puts your health at risk

So how do we keep stress at bay, or at least manage it a little better? Many people practice self care, such as getting regular massages, taking time off when they can, going away on small vacations, time spent relaxing with friends and family, hitting the gym....there are a lot of different ways to relieve the stress we experience in our daily lives. Getting enough quality sleep can help you feel rested and better equipped to handle stress that comes your way. A healthy diet coupled with vitamins and exercise can also help.

While a completely stress-free life would be ideal for just about anyone, it is often just not possible. How we learn to manage the stress we deal with on a day-to-day basis determines our future health and well being. Stress: How to Manage and Reduce It

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