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You've heard that sugar is bad for you. But how does it really affect your body?

We know sugar is everywhere. It's in dressings, sauces, even some vitamins. Sugar comes from sugar cane plants. It is processed into a grainy white substance called sucrose. Sugar is classified

as a carbohydrate. Many people use sugar to sweeten their coffee or tea, in baking, in preparing sauces for cooking, etc. Too much sugar can be a bad thing, especially if you are diabetic. Because it is a carbohydrate, it provides energy to our bodies, but it can cause blood glucose levels to go up. This can cause problems for diabetics. Sugar itself has no real nutritional value and is not a daily required nutrient, but it does have an average of 16 calories per teaspoon. Sugar also occurs naturally in fruits and some vegetables. Sugar isn't necessarily bad, but too much can cause problems for some people. It is always important to eat a well balanced diet, and talk to your doctor if you have concerns about your diet.

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