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Fun in the Sun

Summertime brings warmer and longer days, which means more fun activities to enjoy outdoors. Many people find staying active is more enjoyable and easier in summer than in winter. Some good ways to include activity in your lifestyle include walks in the park or swimming at the local pool or

lake, bike rides with the family, or playing at the park. As always, when enjoying the summer weather outside, it is important to use sunscreen and stay hydrated.

Many places offer outdoor classes such as Tai Chi, yoga, or aerobics classes. Swimming laps can be an option, or even just playing and splashing in the pool with the kids can be a fun activity to get the heart pumping. Perhaps your area provides some interesting hiking trails, a zoo, a water park, or botanical gardens to stroll through. This can be a fun as well as educational activity to enjoy in the summer. Many families like to take vacations or weekend trips. No matter whether you choose to go out of town for vacation or enjoy a simpler staycation, you're bound to find many enjoyable activities to enjoy during summer!

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