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Herbal supplements

Many people believe in the power of natural medicine using herbal supplements. Herbs have been used for centuries for their healing and medicinal properties.

The most important thing to remember when contemplating whether to include herbal supplements in your daily regimen is to always discuss their use with your physician. Many herbs

can interact with prescription medications you may be taking, so it is important to always include your herbal supplements in your medication list with your physician and to get your doctor's okay before you take them. Many pharmacists can help with information on drug and herbal supplement interactions as well.

Some commonly used herbal supplements include Echinacea, which is used to fight cold and fly symptoms; elderberry syrup, which can lessen the duration of a cold or flu; and gingko biloba, which is used to treat memory problems and ringing in the ears. Herbal Supplements

Just remember: some herbal supplements can be helpful, but some can also interfere with medications you may be taking, so do your research and talk to your doctor before taking any herbal supplements!

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