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How often do you have checkups with your physician?

Once a year? Once every 3 years, or maybe never?

Regular medical checkups are important to maintaining your overall health, and are even more important if you have existing medical conditions such as heart disease or diabetes. People with underlying health conditions should follow their physician's recommendations on how often they should have checkups and labs, but even the healthiest of people with no medical issues should follow up with a physician at least once a year. Something as simple as annual lab work and preventive testing such as mammograms and prostate exams can help you maintain your good health. Most insurance companies will pay 100% for preventative care.

Of course diet, exercise, and family history also play a role in our overall health and shouldn't be neglected just because you have no symptoms or conditions, because taking care of ourselves can often help prevent certain diseases and health conditions in the

future. For instance, avoiding smoking or second-hand smoke can help prevent illnesses and conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart disease. Talk to your physician today and get that annual physical scheduled, or if you don't have a physician, check your local listings to see which physicians are accepting new patients and take the time to get established. It could make a world of difference for your health!

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