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Vitamins and Supplements

A lot of people take vitamins and supplements. For instance, some people have a vitamin D deficiency or need extra calcium. Others take a multivitamin or certain herbal supplements. So which ones are important?

Most people don't eat a well-balanced diet. Work, stress, and family all play a role in disrupting our eating patterns, so often it is just too difficult to eat enough fruits and vegetables or get the right kinds of healthy foods in the right amounts. With fast food restaurants seemingly on every corner coupled with a hectic lifestyle, a lot of people just grab and go for convenience without much thought about nutrition. If that sounds like you, a daily multivitamin may be in order. Most people who eat a good variety of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and healthy grains do not necessarily need a multivitamin.

When deciding whether vitamins and/or supplements are your best choice, always remember that certain herbal preparations or supplements may interfere with prescription medications you may be taking, so it is always best to discuss these with your physician.

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