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So just how important is stretching, really? Stretching allows the muscles, ligaments and tendons to remain flexible, allowing full range of motion of the joints. Stretching should be a daily activity. As we perform our daily activities of work, household chores, our jobs, physical activities, our muscles can become tight and shortened. This limits the range of motion of joints and can lead to injuries including strains and inflammation.

Stretching can also help with relaxation, it improves blood flow to soft tissues, prevents nerve injuries, and much more. 9 Benefits of Stretching: How to Start, Safety Tips, and More

So what muscles should you stretch? A lot of that depends on where you carry tension. People with desk jobs who spend most of their day sedentary may find that their shoulders and lower back get tight. Others who spend a lot of time on their feet during the day may find that their legs

carry more tension. There are many resources online and in exercise apps that provide information about stretching along with proper form and technique. Some will even provide a full stretching routine you can follow daily. Pilates and yoga provide stretching as well as strengthening routines. PILATES VS. YOGA

Foam rolling can be another way to help with flexibility and decrease tension in soft tissues. Foam rollers are relatively inexpensive and come in various shapes and sizes. Foam rolling helps to decrease tension and tightness in muscles as well as connective tissue.


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